Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial champagne

The design thoughtfully incorporates the distinctive features with the Moet & Chandon company, imbuing the product with a refreshing, modern aesthetic. The Rosé Impérial is a seductive wine: built around the Pinot Noir, both spontaneous and melting, the blend brings out a lively, slender and very supple fruitiness. The blend of red wine also gives it feminine copper highlights. The predominant pink color palette gracefully reflects the drinks inherent delicacy and beauty. Inspired by Shakespeares timeless masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, the label delicately likens love to wine through a couplet: Love is heavy and light, bright and dark, hot and cold, sick and healthy, asleep and awake - its everything except what it is! This artful expression serves to emphasize the wines delicate and seductive taste with the utmost refinement.

  • published

    07. 02. 2024


    Packaging design, Product design, Logo, Label